This Week in Coding: BST

  • Root- The top node in tree
  • Child- A node that is directly connected to another node when moving away from the root
  • Parent- The converse notion of a child
  • Siblings- A group of nodes that have the same parent
  • Leaf- A node that does not have any children
  • Edge- The connection between nodes
  • First let’s check if there is a root. If not, return false.
  • Set variable to track the current node.
  • Set variable to track if we found the value.
  • Set up a while loop that will loop through as long as there is a current and found is equal to false.
  • Check to see if the value is less than current or if is greater than current. Set current accordingly.
  • If value is found update found.
  • If the value is found return current else return false.




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Jake Lira

Jake Lira

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